Rok Jadwigi Zamoyskiej (1831-1923)

The year 2023 marks one hundred years since the death of Jadwiga Zamoyska, née Działyńska (1831-1923), daughter of Gryzelda Celestyna née Zamoyska and Tytus Działyński, wife of General Władysław Zamoyski, mother of Władysław and Maria Zamoyska, one of the last owners of the Kórnik estate. The Polish Parliament declared her a patroness of the year 2023.
The following collection of materials from the PAS Kórnik Library contains unique manuscripts, rare brochures and many prints relating to the private life and activities of Jadwiga Zamoyska. They are mainly connected with the School of Women's Home Work, also known as the Kórnik Institute, founded by her. The number of objects in this collection will steadily increase.

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